Somerset Vs Bruce Hardwood Floors: Brand Reviews (2023)

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If you are looking for the right manufacturer to buy hardwood floors for your house, you would certainly have come across Somerset vs Bruce hardwood flooring companies.

Somerset is a genuine self-reliant brand, taking care of everything from growing trees to making furnishings, all under strict checks. They pride themselves on using only materials from the USA. Bruce Hardwood, on the other hand, doesn’t make such a promise. While they mainly use Appalachian Lumber for their flooring, they also include some materials from outside the country. Bruce’s flooring is entirely waterproof, setting it apart from Somerset, whose products can occasionally be affected by water.

Difference between Somerset and Bruce Hardwood Floors
Difference between Somerset and Bruce Hardwood Floors

Keep on reading and we will tell you about the right factors to look for and which one of these is the best.

What Are Somerset Floors?

Somerset is a very popular hardwood brand which makes wooden floorings and has been doing so for quite a long time.

It is a self-made and authentic brand which is vertically integrated. This means they grow their trees and offer installation while catering to every process.

Besides, all of this is done under strict supervision. Somerset often claims that all the products they use are USA-based (1).

Many people trust Somerset Flooring, and those who have had any experience with them once surely want to repeat it when it is time to replace the existing hardwood floors or install new ones in another room or on another property.

Another note is that Somerset is one of the USA’s biggest Appalachian hardwood Lumber flooring companies (2).

In recent times, Appalachian has been among the most preferred materials for hardwood floors. Therefore, the company has a special emphasis on it due to the customer’s increasing demands.

In addition, while the planks are not completely waterproof, they certainly have decent moisture control, which makes them suitable for high-humidity areas.

If you use them with suitable finishes to prevent further moisture seepage, you will have decently strong wooden floors which are highly resistant to water content.

Besides, if you want proof of these claims, let us tell you Somerset Floorings is NHLA certified. This means they are graded before and after kiln drying, making the product highly reliable and authentic.

Whether you want engineered or solid hardwood flooring, Somerset has these and will offer you various designs and shades.

As they grow trees and harvest products, their quality is impeccable because all the processes are carried out under strict supervision.

Another noticeable fact about Somerset floorings is that they do not let the tree go to waste.

Different parts of the lumber are used in different types of hardwood. Therefore, 100% use of a tree is guaranteed, and no substance is wasted.

While there are certain grades for each type of flooring, all of them are resistant to water content. Besides, you will get the same features in all types of shades and textures too.

Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of shades and colors and also match the textures of the flooring according to the layout and decor of your house so the floors do not appear oddly out of context.

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What Are Bruce Hardwood Floors?

Bruce hardwood flooring is another famous company renowned for extremely good home flooring options.

Moreover, most of their flooring is made of Appalachian lumber, but they use some exported materials too.

Another interesting feature about Bruce hardwood flooring is that it is 100% waterproof, unlike most other options.

Hence, if you are looking for suitable floors for a more humid environment, this should be at the top of your priority list.

For those who like solid hardwood floors and do not want any composite materials added to their flooring, Bruce Hardwood Floor is the ebay choice as it is a 100% wood product (3).

The Appalachian Lumber brings you a vast range of solid and engineered hardwood to choose any.

Bruce Hardwood Floors are known for their durability as they are extremely strong with a rigid core at the center.

This makes them quite heavy-duty and prevents any chances of damage being sustained by the wooden planks, even in the worst conditions.

One more reason people prefer Bruce Hardwood Floors is that they give more user-friendly options.

While other companies make very complex floorings or the installation process difficult, and the homeowner is forced to hire a professional service, you can easily install Bruce Hardwood Floors using a simple DIY method.

As mentioned earlier, all of Bruce Hardwood Floors are completely waterproof.

This is due to the efficient Hydropel Technology, which makes the floors highly resistant to water content and prevents any damage that might occur to the planks.

Bruce Hardwood Floors are tested to resist water content for up to 36 hours.

This is a very long time and is suitable enough to identify the underlying problem, such as subflooring moisture or leakages.

Hence, you will have ample time to fix the problems and not worry about your hardwood floors getting ruined.

Appalachian Lumber allows Bruce Hardwood floors to offer various textures, designs, patterns, and shades.

Besides, you have a wide variety of engineered and solid hardwood, so no enthusiast of any flooring type is left out.

Any design, color or pattern you’ve chosen in one wooden flooring will be available in the other in exactly the same condition so you can choose wisely among them.

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Somerset Vs Bruce Hardwood Floors

As discussed above, both Somerset and Bruce hardwood flooring are extremely reliable options offering definite perks.

However, you can’t get both installed in the same room, as you will have to create a balanced look.

And for that, you must get the right flooring that suits you best and compliments the surrounding decor.

Choosing between such exquisite types of flooring can get quite difficult. However, there are always some core differences in each brand.

If you cannot highlight these, rest assured, as we will do it for you. Here is a detailed comparison of these flooring brands to easily choose the right one for your rooms.

Pros of Somerset Flooring

You should have read about some interesting features of the Somerset Hardwood Flooring. However, we will give you a concise yet comprehensive collection of the benefits of getting these floors.

Somerset floors are highly water-resistant and provide reasonable protection from moisture, humidity, and accidental water exposure increases.

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Somerset hardwood floors
Somerset hardwood floors

Made of Appalachian Oak, Somerset Hardwood Floors have good durability and are strong enough to last you for decades before they give in to extensive usage.

Despite being made of Appalachian Oak only, Somerset flooring still has a reasonable variety of finishes.

For Somerset floors, you can get glossy, semi-glossy, high-glossy, hand-scraped, or even textured rustic finishes to match the room’s overall appearance.

Somerset floorings are prefinished by aluminum oxide, which makes them exceptionally strong and also saves you a lot of time and money, as you will not have to get these procedures done separately.

Pros of Bruce Flooring

Bruce Hardwood Floors also have some reasonably strong points which you must be able to benefit from. If you failed to identify this who, allow us to highlight these for you:

Bruce Hardwood Floors are 100% waterproof thanks to Hydropel Technology (3). This allows the floors to remain safe even if they are in contact with water for 36 hours straight.

Hence, the chances of water damage are reduced unbelievably, and the longevity of the floors is ensured.

Bruce Hardwood Floors
Bruce Hardwood Floors

All the floorings from this company are made using environment-friendly products, so no extra strain or pressure is put on the environment.

Even though they provide exemplary qualities and are extremely durable in all conditions, the Bruce Hardwood Floors are very budget-friendly and will not burden your expenses.

Despite being extremely affordable, these floors are very easy to install, and the company prefers using a DIY method rather than getting professional services for installation.

This can further save you much money on the project.

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Being affordable is very important for hardwood floors, and you need to ensure the floorings do not cut your pockets deep or strain your budget excessively.

Hence, you must choose the best type of flooring that comes in your budget and allows you to customize the floors according to your likeness.

Therefore, let’s have a look at what both brands have to offer in terms of prices.

Somerset Hardwood Flooring

The Somerset hardwood flooring is not considered to be very affordable. The overall starting prices are way higher as compared to average flooring options.

However, some argue that Somerset hardwood floors are not expensive. The reason is that they feature a factory finish which cuts down the costs of sanding, refinishing, or sealing the floors.

As soon as they are installed on the surface of your room, you are good to go, as the floors are functional.

There is no restriction for moving furniture on the floors or walking on them. This cuts down the time and costs required in the case of usual flooring methods, making the process affordable and time-saving.

The average starting cost of Somerset Hardwood Floors is $5.5, which can go up to $10. Note that these costs are per square foot, and you need to multiply these with the flooring area in square feet to determine the exact sum.

Besides, this only includes the material costs and does not include any installation charges, transportation charges, or other expenses that might be involved in the process.

Moreover, if you keep your budget somewhere in the mid-range, you will get a decent flooring option in solid and engineered hardwoods.

Bruce Hardwood Flooring

The Bruce hardwood flooring, as mentioned earlier, is quite budget-friendly. The company focuses on affordability and offers customers a reasonable price for a strong and desirable hardwood floor.

The average price starts from $3 per and can go quite high depending on what type of wood you want, the designs, textures, colors and more.

Besides, a certain type of finish on the floors will also cost separately, and you will have to consider your entire budget accordingly.

Note that these costs are per square foot, and you need to multiply these with the flooring area in square feet to determine the exact sum.

Besides, this only includes the material costs and does not include any installation charges, transportation charges, or other expenses that might be involved in the process.

Adding more features will certainly increase the overall price, but you won’t be disappointed. Having top-notch varieties does not mean the lower ones are not good enough.

Therefore, ensure you do not miss out and get the most suitable flooring option.

Furthermore, if you are short on budget and want a better finish or design, try DYing the method to save on labor costs.

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Solid & Engineered Hardwood Varieties

A good hardwood flooring brand should be able to provide decent varieties in both solid and engineered hardwood so no customer is returned dissatisfied.

While both Somerset and Bruce hardwood flooring claim the best varieties, let us look at whether their claims have any substance to back them.

Solid Hardwood

There can not be any other element in the planks except pure wood for solid hardwood flooring.

Adding any composite material will be meddling with this purity. Therefore, both brands have reasonably strong and pure hardwood varieties which are authentic and reliable.

Moreover, solid hardwood certainly stands out once finished; hence, many homeowners prefer it over other types.

Somerset and Bruce’s floorings offer equal variety in colors, textures, and designs for solid hardwood floors.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is composite wood with low hardwood content and some other composite materials added for durability.

These brands manufacture engineered hardwood floors with a veneer core and hardwood layer on top.

None of these brands claims their engineered hardwood to be completely scratch-proof. However, they claim that the engineered floors resist scratching, which is true.

Besides, both provide reasonable varieties of colors, textures, and designs, and there is an option to finish the floors, too, if the client wants.

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Final Verdict

In light of all the discussion above, it can be concluded that Bruce Hardwood Floors are the best among these two.

Not only do they provide reasonable rates, but the features offered by their flooring are unmatched.

There is no doubt that every homeowner wants these qualities in their hardwood floors. Therefore, getting these in an affordable budget is a win-win situation for all.

We hope this article was helpful, let us know if you’d like to know about any other topic related to hardwood floors.

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