About Us

We are John and Emma, the hands and hearts behind the Flooring Flow Team. We both bring something different to the table when it comes to fixing flooring problems, and together, we make a great team.

Our story took off two years after we got married. We bought our new house and moved in. The house was perfect, but the floors, not so much. We decided to fix all the flooring problems ourselves. It was a big challenge, but we were ready.

We began watching videos, reading books, and doing lots of research. It took some time, but we learned a lot and were able to fix our floors. We felt so good looking at the work we had done, and it didn’t stop there.

Soon, our family and friends started asking for our help with their flooring issues. We did many DIY projects, restoring, renovating, and fixing all kinds of flooring problems. With each project, we got better and better.

We realized we had gathered a lot of knowledge over the years, and we wanted to share it with other homeowners facing similar problems. We knew how satisfying it was to solve these problems on our own, and we wanted to help others feel that too.

So, we decided to create this website to share what we’ve learned. We want to help you fix your flooring problems by yourself, just like we did. Our goal is to share our knowledge and experience with you, so you can enjoy the process and be proud of what you can accomplish.

Why Flooring Flow?

Flooring Flow is a leading website in the flooring industry that guides homeowners on how to maintain their expensive floorings and indoctrinates them on preventative and curative measures to avoid or fix any problems.

Flooring Flow offers extensive information regarding floors’ restoration, maintenance, and installation.

Moreover, this website will guide you on every aspect related to your floors and enable you to improve the condition of your flooring and make it last longer.

Moreover, with verified and vetted information, you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong advice and falling into a trench where it is a bit difficult to get out.

Flooring Flow provides you with a direction in the maintenance of your floors so they can retain their value, and you can enjoy an enigmatic look at the entrance of your house.

Whether you are a professional flooring expert or a general homeowner who wants to keep their floors in the best condition possible, Flooring Flow has got you covered.

We write our blogs only after testing the techniques and methods so you can have a reliable piece of knowledge that you can act upon.

Contact Flooring Flow

However, if you still have any queries or problems that you might be facing regarding your floors, feel free to approach me, as we are always ready to help our family. To get your queries answered, visit contact page or email us at [email protected].