About Emma Sophia – Co-Author At Flooring Flow

Hi there, I’m Emma Sophia. Before diving into the world of flooring, I was a training coach. My days were filled with helping people get better at what they do, teaching them new skills, and cheering them on as they reached their goals. I loved seeing people grow and become the best versions of themselves.

But life has a funny way of changing things. When John and I bought our house, we realized the floors were in pretty bad shape. Some were uneven, others were outdated, and a few had strange stains we couldn’t figure out.

We thought about hiring professionals, but then I remembered my days as a coach. I thought, “If I can train people to be their best, why can’t I learn about flooring and fix our home?” So, John and I began our flooring adventure together. We watched videos, read books, and practiced a lot.

The more we learned, the more we enjoyed it. Soon, our friends and family were asking for our advice and help with their floors. And just like that, our love for flooring grew.

Today, not only have we fixed many floors, but we’ve also started FlooringFlow.com. It’s a place where we share our knowledge and help others.

It’s been an incredible journey, and every day I’m grateful for the chance to combine my love for teaching with my new passion for flooring. If I can switch from being a coach to becoming a flooring expert, anyone can learn something new!

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