How To Remove Scuff Marks From Hardwood Floors?

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Hardwood floors are a valuable addition to one’s house but they can get quite some issues if not handled properly.

Whether your floors are finished or not, scuff marks are inevitable on the surface and there is possibly no way you can avoid them as they are a part of the routine.

However, you can use measures to remove the scuff marks from hardwood floors and make their appearance as good as new again.

Remove Scuff Marks From Hardwood Floors

The easiest way for newer scuff marks is to use a sponge and water and rub them out; however, older scuff marks which are stubborn and do not give very easily can be dealt with a baking soda paste which can easily remove them from the hardwood floors.

Besides, there are numerous other methods listed ahead so make sure to check them out.

What Causes Scuff Marks On Floors?

Heels can cause scuff marks and hard-soled shoes or heavy items with black or rubber legs.

They are mainly oil-based stains that can be seen on various types of floorings, including hardwood floors, VCR, LVT, and many more.

Moreover, they are more commonly seen on surfaces with an oil-based finish. Many homeowners categorize them as scratches, but they are quite different.

They are not deep into the surface of the floors but are found on the surface and can be removed quite easily.

Therefore, if you also have seen scuffs on marks on your floors recently, rest assured that your hardwood floors are safe and the marks are not permanent.

With the right techniques, they can be removed quite easily.

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5 Ways To Remove Scuff Marks From Your Hardwood Floor

Rest assured, if you are wondering how to remove scuff marks from hardwood floors, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 easy and effective ways to carry out this process without extra effort or complex procedures.

Simple Sponge & Water

While you might not believe it, sponge and water are the easiest remedies for newly found scuff marks.

Although this method is not very effective against marks that have been on the surface for some time, they surely work very well for the marks created recently.

Simple Sponge Water
Simple Sponge Water

Hence, it is always recommended that you look out for scuff marks whenever guests are in your house or when you are moving furniture.

This is because you can identify the marks easily this way and wipe them away as soon as they are formed.

At this stage, the possess is very easy as all you need to do is dip the sponge in water, wring it out, and then wipe the surface to make the mark disappear.

However, you must ensure the floor is dried afterward so the water doesn’t dry on the surface and damage your floors.

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Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most commonly used components in DIY remedies, and removing scuff marks luckily happens to be one of them.

As mentioned earlier, you would need a different method to remove the deep-seated marks, and baking soda can do that easily for you.

Use Baking Soda
Use Baking Soda

While baking soda is a very easy method, it is also quite cheap and effective. If you are looking for the best way to use it to remove scuff marks, use the method mentioned below.

The first step in this process is to make a mixture of baking soda with water. You can add 2 tbsp in warm water and mix it well until a smooth paste is formed.

However, make sure that it is not runny; if you’ve accidentally used more water, you can add a little more baking soda to achieve the right consistency.

Once made, you would need a microfiber cloth to apply the paste to the surface where the scuff mark is located.

You can also use a toothbrush or a scrubbing brush if you are stubborn. Scrub it briefly, then clean the area with a damp cloth.

Lastly, dry the spot, and your hardwood floors will remain spotless.

Try Pencil Erasers

While this might sound absurd and odd, it certainly is an effective way. Consider your scuff marks as lines drawn by mistake, and now what do you have to do? Erase them!

Sometimes, the scuff marks are not too big and require special attention, as general methods can be unnecessary.

Try Pencil Erasers
Try Pencil Erasers

In such situations, using a pencil eraser is recommended as it can offer more control over the job and still deliver the desired results.

You can use minimal pressure and slowly erase the scuff marks so that the clean hardwood surface appears from underneath.

You should rub it a few times for it to be removed completely.

Next, take a mop or a sweeper and collect all the eraser shavings so the floor doesn’t remain dirty after you’ve removed the scuff marks.

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Rub It Out With Your Tennis Shoe

The main goal when removing the scuff marks is to even out the surface until the mark is gone.

While your shoes can cause this unevenness, they can also reverse the process. This can be very convenient as you can remove the marks as soon as you realize you’ve caused them with your shoes.

Rub It Out With Your Tennis Shoe
Rub It Out With Your Tennis Shoe

The process is quite simple and goes like this:

  • Take the tennis shoe or go to the scuffed area if you already wear it.
  • Rub the heel of the shoe firmly in circular motions against the surface of the wood.
  • You will see the mark going away, and you can use a clean cloth to wipe the surface afterward if necessary.

Rub A Tennis Ball

Using a tennis ball to remove the scuff marks is the easiest way out there to deal with this problem.

Rub A Tennis Ball
Rub A Tennis Ball

Scuff marks can degrade the appearance of your floors, and while flooring specialists and professionals might recommend tons of products or different complex ways to get rid of them, all you need is a tennis ball.

All you need to ensure is that the ball is clean, as a dirty one can scratch the floors. A safe method is to use a brand-new ball. Simply cut a hole into the ball and attach it to the end of a broom handle.

This will keep you from sitting or kneeling on the floors while rubbing. However, you can skip this part and move directly to the next step if you want.

Once you have the ball ready, you only need to rub it on the scuff mark until it is gone. This project has no rocket science, and you do not have to worry about working in circles or going in a clockwise or anti-clockwise motion.

Simply keep rubbing until the mark is gone. It might take a few minutes if the mark is old and deep, but it won’t dissatisfy you with the results.

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Hardwood floors can get scuffed very easily even by walking on them with heels or moving some heavy stuff on the surface.

Therefore, trying to prevent the marks is not a good idea. However, removing them as soon as they are formed certainly is.

Hence, you can use any of the methods mentioned above to remove the scuff marks from the hardwood floors and make them look new again.

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