How To Keep Spiders Out Of Basement: 14 Effective Methods

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Wondering how to keep spiders out of your basement? Spiders often find their way into basements looking for a dry, dark place to hide from bad weather. Basements are ideal for them because they’re quiet and not disturbed much.

To keep spiders out of your basement, make sure it’s clean and clutter-free. Seal any cracks or openings to prevent them from getting in. Use spider repellents or traps to catch or deter them.

Remedies to keep spider out of basement
Remedies to keep spider out of basement

I am going to share with the most effective home remedies and strategies which I have personally experienced and found useful to keep spiders out of your basement forever. So, let’s get into them in detail!

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Basement Using Home Remedies Permanently?

Spray Peppermint Oil

To keep spiders out of your basement, use peppermint oil. Spiders really don’t like the smell of peppermint.

Spray Peppermint Oil
Spray Peppermint Oil

Mix some peppermint oil with water in a spray bottle and spray it around windows, doors, and any places in the basement where you’ve seen spiders.

Use Some Vinegar

Use vinegar to keep spiders away. It’s safe for people but spiders hate it. Just put some vinegar in places around your house to stop spiders from coming in.

Ditch Spiders With Citrus

Use citrus fruits like lemons and oranges to keep spiders away. Their strong smells are pleasant to us but too much for spiders. Simply using these citrus scents around your home can make spiders turn and leave.

Seal All Cracks

Seal All Cracks to keep spiders out of basement
Seal All Cracks

Close up any cracks. Spiders have to find a way in, so don’t let it be easy! Check the outside of your house for any small cracks or openings where spiders could squeeze through.

Use Essential Oil

Use essential oils to keep spiders away. Some oils can even stop spiders from growing. They smell strong, so be careful when using them in your house. Remember to keep your place clean and think about where you keep important stuff before picking a bug spray.

Use Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has a strong smell that keeps spiders and other pests away, similar to how citrus, peppermint, and vinegar work. You don’t have to grow a eucalyptus tree to get these benefits. Just using eucalyptus oil is enough to do the job.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a powder made from ancient algae fossils. To use it against spiders, mix 1 tablespoon of it with water and spray it in places where you think spiders are hiding. You can also use it to protect your garden from pests. Just remember to spray it with water and make sure no one breathes in the dust. Always buy the food-grade kind to be safe.

Cut Down Mulch

Mulch looks nice in our yards and gardens, but spiders like it too. This is because mulch is home to bugs and other small creatures that spiders eat.

To keep spiders away, don’t put mulch too close to your house’s foundation. This stops spiders from easily getting into your home and basement. Also, try to use less mulch in your yard.

Avoid Stacking Wood

Many people don’t know that woodpiles attract spiders looking for a place to live (1). A simple trick to keep spiders out of your basement is to store your wood outside.

Avoid Stacking Wood to keep spiders out of basement
Avoid Stacking Wood to keep spiders out of basement

Place it in your yard or in a shed, away from your house.

Keep The Basement Neat, Clean

Just like with woodpiles, keeping cardboard boxes in your basement makes it easy for spiders to hide. Cleaning your basement often by vacuuming, dusting, and getting rid of clutter not only keeps it neat but also lets you check for hidden spiders in small spots.

Horse Chestnuts

Horse chestnuts can help keep spiders away. Put them near your windows to stop spiders from coming in and taking over. Remember to replace them when they start to spoil to keep protecting your space.

Carnivorous Plants for Pest Control

Looking for a different way to deal with cellar spiders and other pests? Carnivorous plants, or “predator plants,” could be the answer!

These cool plants can naturally get rid of pests in your home. Plus, they’re easy to take care of and can look really nice.

Catch Spiders Using Traps

Catch Spiders Using Traps
Catch Spiders Using Traps

Use spider traps that aren’t harmful to catch and kill spiders. Just make sure to get them from a trusted brand. You can also use a special vacuum made for catching spiders quickly when you see them.

Change Exterior Lighting

Changing your outside lights can help with spider problems. Spiders eat bugs, and lights outside your home, like security or porch lights, draw in lots of bugs.

Even lights inside your home can attract them. You don’t have to turn off all your lights to stop spiders. Instead, use bulbs that bugs don’t like as much, such as sodium vapor bulbs. Also, closing your blinds at night stops light from inside your house from attracting bugs and spiders outside. This can help fireflies too.

Final Thoughts

I think keeping spiders out of your basement is all about keeping things clean and using natural smells they don’t like. Simple steps like sealing cracks, using peppermint oil, and not letting clutter pile up can make a big difference. It’s cool that plants and certain lights can help too.


Q. Why are there so many spiders in my basement?

Spiders like basements because they’re dark, quiet, and often damp. They prefer places that are not disturbed much and where they can be alone.

Q. What smells do spiders not like?

Spiders don’t like the smell of citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, as well as peppermint oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and vinegar. Using these smells around your house can help keep spiders away.

Q. Are spiders in the basement a problem?

It depends on how you see it. Spiders can be good because they eat other pests. But if you don’t want them, you might see them as a problem.

Q. Can air fresheners keep spiders away?

Yes, air fresheners or candles with citronella can help keep spiders away because they don’t like the smell. Peppermint is another smell they avoid.

Q. What types of spiders are found in basements?

Basements usually have spiders that make webs, like funnel weavers, cellar spiders, comb-footed spiders, and crevice spiders. Watch out for black widows and brown recluse spiders, though.

Q. How long do basement spiders live?

Cellar spiders can live for over two years after they grow up. Female cellar spiders usually make three egg sacs in their lifetime, with each sac containing 13 to 60 eggs.

Q. What naturally keeps spiders away?

Plants like lavender, mint, eucalyptus, and citronella can naturally keep spiders from coming close to your home.

Q. Do spiders dislike lemon?

Spiders tend to stay away from lemon. You can make a repellent by mixing lemon essential oil with water and spraying it around.

Q. Are basement spiders venomous?

Cellar spiders are not venomous and are not known to bite people. Despite myths, their venom isn’t deadly to humans.

Q. Should I leave spiders in my basement?

Most spiders are harmless and won’t bother you unless provoked. They can help control other pests in your home, so it might be beneficial to leave them be.

Q. Are basement spiders dangerous?

Cellar spiders are not considered dangerous. There’s a myth about their venom being deadly, but they can’t actually harm humans with their bites.

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